GitHub - ananthakumaran/tide: Tide - TypeScript Interactive Development Environment for Emacs


Keyboard shortcuts Description
M-. Jump to the definition of the symbol at point. With a prefix arg, Jump to the type definition.
M-, Return to your pre-jump position.

M-x tide-restart-server Restart tsserver. This would come in handy after you edit tsconfig.json or checkout a different branch.

M-x tide-documentation-at-point Show documentation for the symbol at point.

M-x tide-references List all references to the symbol at point in a buffer. References can be navigated using n and p. Press enter to open the file.

M-x tide-project-errors List all errors in the project. Errors can be navigated using n and p. Press enter to open the file.

M-x tide-rename-symbol Rename all occurrences of the symbol at point.

M-x tide-format Format the current region or buffer.

M-x tide-fix Apply code fix for the error at point.


C-c i importjsd起動(二回)



C-M-N flycheck next error

C-M-P flycheck previous error

Neo Tree

=== Shortcut (Only in Neotree Buffer) ===

  • n next line , p previous line。
  • SPC or RET or TAB Open current item if it is a file. Fold/Unfold current item if it is a directory.
  • g Refresh
  • A Maximize/Minimize the NeoTree Window
  • H Toggle display hidden files
  • C-c C-n Create a file or create a directory if filename ends with a ‘/’
  • C-c C-d Delete a file or a directory.
  • C-c C-r Rename a file or a directory.
  • C-c C-c Change the root directory.
  • C-c C-p Copy a file or a directory.

=== Commands(Global) ===

  • neotree-dir show NeoTree window and specify a directory as its root
  • neotree-show or neotree show NeoTree window using current directory as its root
  • neotree-hide Hide NeoTree window
  • neotree-toggle toggle/hide NeoTree window
  • neotree-find show NeoTree window and use the file of current buffer as its root

=== Command(Only in NeoTree Buffer) ===

  • neotree-enter Open File / Unfold Directory
  • neotree-refresh Refresh
  • neotree-stretch-toggle Maximize / Minimize
  • neotree-change-root Switch Root Directory
  • neotree-hidden-file-toggle Toggle hidden files
  • neotree-rename-node Rename a Node
  • neotree-delete-node Delete a Node
  • neotree-create-node Create a file or a directory (if filename ends with ‘/’)